Pisces sun, Sun in the 12th, Sun-Neptune Contacts



+ understanding, universal, empathetic, inspiring…
+ introspective, retreating to equalize and renew themselves
+ musically or artistically inclined, either through talent or appreciation
+ mystically inclined, either interested or open-minded towards esoteric knowledge, prophetic visions
+ loving, devoting, compassionate, big dreamers making them optimistic and hopeful, tolerant and impartial towards people from different wakes of life
+ imagination becomes motivation, visionaries of a better world, willing to help other people, adaptable to changes


– self-concerned when not in tune with the collective as they should be because Neptune means going beyond the singular identity, beyond themselves, they need to learn this.
– retreating and succumbing to escapism, weak-willed, indulging in their suffering
– inclined to substance abuse or emotional disturbances
– inclined to approach mystic practice dangerously and naively
– scared to love, or expects love but does not give it in return, self-pitying, sensitive, teary, devotion becomes sacrifice for the wrong reasons
– imagination becomes maladaptive daydreaming, does not follow through with visions, inconsistent and lethargic,
-too much adaptability causes hypersensitivity to the environment around them, generating indecisiveness, unreliability and a lack of self-assertion through dissolving into other people

Image © Things Beyond by Kylie Woon

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