Intercepted Planets Part 1&2 (Luminaries, Inner Planets and Outer Planets)

If you do not know what interceptions are and you would like to know whether or not you have them, read this post first.

To be brief, intercepted planets are when a planets energy is suppressed and its energy comes out in distortion (typically in an unhealthy manner). These planets are difficult to access and bringing awareness of the problems they cause can help unlock their full potential or “hidden talents.”


☉ For intercepted sun, there is a need to “shine” but the person is unable to because the identity is locked away under the surface. Interceptions are what were missed out on childhood. There could have been a childhood where the child wasn’t praised or when they sought out attention, it was shot down. The sun also represents creativity, prominent masculine figure (which can usually translate to the father), vitality and what ‘shines’ about us to others. Creative endeavors could have been thwarted, either by the self or others, vitality is energy to do things and in terms of the sun, perhaps there was never solid motivation or willpower from the self or from others to present their identity openly. Intercepted sun represents prominent masculine figure, so perhaps the father and/or strong masculine figure was absent or debilitating to the person somehow. In a female’s chart, there could be difficult relationships with males or those who are masculine. There is commonly a lack of confidence and a tendency to introversion. Sun is the general personality and it may be unclear to the person, they could feel like there’s nothing ‘special’ about their personality or they’re simply unaware of it. The identity of the person is murky to them for a long time. This person becomes more aware of their ego when they let their personality, creativity and inner voice shine, or through progressions (when sun progresses into a new house or sign). If this person has a feminine sign as their ascendant and it progresses into a masculine sign, this may help as well.

☽ The moon is inner most feelings and represents things such as the mother [figure], our past and upbringing. When the moon is intercepted there are emotional delays, suppression of emotion, this person is emotionally unaware for a long time. This could be because the mother [figure] might have raised the child to “suck it up” or act stronger, or perhaps did not want to deal with comforting the child when they were upset. They could have shamed the child every time they cried and so the child normalized the suppression of feelings. Or, it could have been subtler; maybe the mother didn’t show emotion herself and was distant to the child. The past could have been conflicted with harsh memories, or maybe the upbringing was debilitating somehow. This person becomes someone who is emotionally rigid; they are not open to revealing emotions and may likely become uncomfortable when exposed to the emotion of others. When emotion is openly expressed and regarded, it can often be inappropriate and over flowing, erratic almost, as they didn’t weren’t taught a proper outlet for their emotions. The moon is affiliated with memory; so old habits of the past are hard to break. Female relationships are inclined to be tense. The moon is our emotional security and comfort, our needs; this person may feel as though their needs, emotional comfort and security were always threatened or absent and could have a hard time providing these things to other people. This person becomes more emotionally aware when their emotions are challenged and are open to those challenges (for instance, progresses Scorpio moon when the person goes through transformative emotions and ordeals). The moon travels quickly, and so it does leave the intercepted house it’s found in. This causes it to be more active and expressed than it was when intercepted. However, the moon can travel back into the intercepted house and if the person allows it, the intercepted moon problems can easily surface again (back to the idea of being unable to drop old habits.)

☿ Mercury represents our thoughts, communication and our ability to analyze/gather information primarily. People with intercepted mercury were likely familiar with being told to “shut up” constantly by people in their life. In childhood they may have felt as though their opinions & thoughts didn’t matter, and so grew up quiet or hesitant to express them. There was likely some difficulty with their early education, usually in terms of the schooling not meeting the needs to this individual. Their need to communicate was thwarted, or there were simply consequences every time they spoke/shared their thoughts. There can also be a literal speech impediment that this person is embarrassed of about themselves. One way or another, this person’s words are always misunderstood by other people. If this person has siblings, there could be a confusing & misunderstanding relationship with them. Their perception of situations is usually interpreted differently than the average person. Their logic and reasoning can be difficult to retrieve to their fullest extent and therefore faulty; they may have flawed decision-making skills. Using and expressing full capabilities of their communication skills & intelligence is difficult to access for these people. These people become more confident in their communicative abilities when they learn to acquire information with value instead of needlessly skimming the surface and when they find open situations where they can communicate freely & challenge their communicative skills in order for those skills to strengthen. It is possible for mercury to travel outside of the intercepted house that it is in, making it more active and conscious. Also, a positive sun-mercury transit or progression can make the person more confident in their opinions during the length of the transit/progression.

♀ Venus is love, beauty and harmony primarily. Intercepted Venus can suggest that the child was unloved or didn’t receive satisfactory attention from people in their life. They then grow up distrustful and refuse to show love themselves or are suspicious of people who seem to care about them, to the point of debilitating their relationships. Venus is beauty and in childhood there must have been none of it. This could manifest in several ways; Venus represents self-worth, the child/adolescent could have felt like they were not beautiful (so they did not love themselves), Venus is materialistic, perhaps the items or belongings of the person were not beautiful (ruined, “cheap,” unwanted, never lasted). Maybe the home of this person was not beautiful because it was disharmonious, maybe the environment around them was not beautiful (living in poor conditions), the house of the interception can show the circumstance. This “ugliness” was normalized and the person therefore did not expect any kind of luxury as they grew up. Less inclined to be social. Seeks validation from the wrong people. May have a different taste in regards to art, aesthetics and entertainment than the average person. Venus is affiliated with money as well, and so there could have been a struggle with financial matters constantly during their development and even continuous struggle with money until later in life. This person values themselves more when they stop searching for validation from others and begin realizing only they can assess their own worth. A transit can activate this planet, more so a harmonious aspect with sun, mars, moon perhaps Jupiter. A progression outside of the intercepted house can activate a healthy expression of Venus as well.

♂ Mars is how we express our anger, our ambitions, initiative, drive and passion. This person may have a hard time setting goals for themselves as they grow up. In childhood, there was probably lack of encouragement, or consequence when they expressed their passion & anger. People in their life, more so during childhood, could have stressed that expressing anger is “wrong” somehow. On the other hand, could have had figures in their life that were overly aggressive or violent, causing the suppression of this person’s anger as a result. They could easily grow up guilty of feeling or showing aggressive urges. Low vitality, could have a tendency to laziness. In extreme cases, may have been shamed for their sexual nature, causing them to suppress, hide and reject its presence. On the other hand, can be reckless with their sexual nature due to it being suppressed for so long by others and themselves. More inclined to passiveness, so this person could easily be someone that others took advantage of because they typically have a hard time saying “no.” When anger is finally expressed, it’s inappropriate, as these people were not taught to find a proper outlet for their anger. There could be sudden and unanticipated bursts of energy and excitement at random intervals, but it may prove useless if there is no plan to produce anything with it. This person is often directionless with their ambitions, confused with the source of their anger and have difficulty asserting themselves in a healthy way. This person does too much or too little, it is hard for them to find balance in expressing their mars energy. This person can healthily express their anger through physical activity or creative pursuits of things they’re passionate about. A progression of mars outside the intercepted house can activate a healthy expression of this planet, so can harmonious progressed or transit aspects between sun, moon or Venus.


♃ With Jupiter, principle of expansion, aspiration and inspiration, understanding, faith, and optimism are blocked or pushed away. Other things can be taken into account such as “luck,” the search for truth & meaning, capacity for higher learning/seeking knowledge and generosity/charity; these things do not come naturally to this person, their expansive nature is difficult to access. They’re prone to being pessimistic towards others and feel as though they have to work harder to achieve things because they feel they’re “unlucky.” They may be conflicted with their philosophies, morals and beliefs (concerning the house it’s found in) and may be narrow-minded of the beliefs of others as a result. This person may constantly feel trapped, in childhood they likely didn’t have resources to expand their horizons in terms of knowledge or forming their own beliefs. This could have been physical too; maybe they never had the resources to travel further than their close environment, perhaps they feared travel or simply weren’t allowed to. Their needs to explore or experience freedom of expression of their beliefs may have been impeded. They don’t express or experience exuberance or optimism as readily as the next person, nor do they put their faith into something as easily as the next person. Could have a hard time fully understanding knowledge that they acquire, or a hard time looking “deeper” into things. Could have a hard time with their search for higher education/learning; it could always seem as though the schooling of their higher learning never meets their needs. When enthusiasm or faith are finally expressed, it can often be blind. This person switches between random intervals of blind faith and debilitating cynicism/doubt towards their beliefs and people in their life. This person finds their faith & optimism when they let go of spitefulness and open up to patience. With optimism and patience comes prosperity and “luck.” The outer planets take a long time to progress through houses, so it is not likely that Jupiter can progress outside the intercepted house. However, it can transits outside a house or aspects can activate Jupiter for the better, such as soft aspects to the luminaries and inner planets.

♄ Saturn is often seen as a dreary planet, representing limitations and restriction. Saturn is also affiliated with authority and discipline, structure and order, dominant parent figure, ambition, self-preservation and responsibility. With Saturn intercepted, the presence of authority figures or the dominant parent could have been absent, harsh or debilitating. This person could have had too much structure and strictness from the parent that it was overbearing or little to no structure from the dominant parent that their life was hectic and unorganized, in which both cases can prove hindering. This person may have had an abundance of responsibility as a child and then have difficulty later in life accomplishing responsibilities and goals. Extreme self-loathing and insecurity. Can go through bouts of rebellious nature towards authority who restrict them to complete conformity out of fear of consequence. This person can either be too serious/rigid for their own good or can be someone who unnecessarily takes themselves too seriously (in regards to the house it’s found in). This person must learn self-perseverance, self-love and self-acceptance in order to get passed their own blockages and to also resist pushing away responsibility, which will only pile up if left unattended. They also must learn to put their time to good use in terms of ambitions. Outer planets take a long time to progress through houses, so it’s not likely that Saturn can progress into a new house. It is uncertain to say whether or not transits can help activate Saturn as it is a malefic and can be overbearing to other planets. Harmonious aspects to sun or mars may help responsibility, ambition and insecurity problems of the intercepted Saturn person.

♅ Uranus in the birth chart represents freedom, innovation, rebelliousness and nonconformity, sudden changes and unpredictable changes which lead to transformations, and individuality. Whereas a normal Uranus craves change wherever it’s found, an intercepted Uranus can have a difficult time accepting change regarding the house it’s found in. This person may reject or have difficulty expressing the part of them that is “unique” or rebellious. As a child, emphasis on being “normal” and to “always follow the rules” may have been enforced. When this person did rebel or think outside the box, even if by accident, there could have been consequences which caused this person to suppress any rebellious or non-conforming motives. This person may have a hard time expressing their individualistic side and may constantly receive criticism when they do, making it even harder. There may be an innate fear of being different. There can be freedom and independence issues, whether it be the parents or other figures in their live entrapping them & obstructions that keep them from obtaining it. On the contrary, it can be the instance where they themselves prefer safety and closeness instead of freedom or are dependent instead of independent. This person probably had a fairly unchangeable childhood, making them unfamiliar with drastic/sudden changes and therefore un-equipped to handle them. Might conform simply to please others. There can be a problem of acting out due to the suppression of rebellious nature, as they were never taught to express or put that rebellious nature to good use such as fighting for a selfless or humanitarian cause (as opposed to a selfish, pointless cause). This person can reach freedom, independence and become more innovative and open to change if they face their fear of these things head on. It would also be wise to break away from people in their lives who keep them from expressing themselves or in other words, to seek out independence would do them good. Outer planets travel slowly in progressed charts, so it is unlikely that Uranus will leave the house it’s intercepted in. However, transits and progressed aspects from other planets can help activate Uranus, especially aspects to mars or sun.

♆ Neptune is a confusing planet, representing illusions and disillusion, spirituality, divine compassion and devotion, sacrifice & suffering as well as dreams. With an intercepted Neptune, this person likely did not receive satisfactory compassion as a child. There could have been little to no spirituality or devoted beliefs that this person could have looked to for hope. On the other hand, if there were beliefs, this person could have a problem of putting too much faith into them, so much that it debilitated them in some way, such as not actively going for goals but thinking “faith” would bring their goas to them. Perhaps whatever beliefs they had were shot down by adults, causing them to be disconnected or cautious of spiritual tendencies. The parents may have also been spiritual, but the beliefs they may have instilled in this person could have been unclear or changeable, causing them to have inconsistent thoughts as far as spirituality or religion goes. Their dreams may be hard to access; whether it be dreams for the future or literal dreams of the subconscious they have a challenging time accessing them and perhaps even difficulty sleeping. This person’s creative, artistic, imaginative, inspirational and compassionate nature isn’t as readily shown as the next person. This person tends to be sacrificial, yet for the wrong reasons. There is also expectation from their sacrifices, but they must learn that it is not genuine sacrifice if there is reward. Neptune rules over disillusion, so this person may be easily disappointed by things they put their faith into because of over idealization. Psychic and mystical capacity may be weak, or it may be very potent, yet the utilization of it is weak. Outer planets travel slowly in progressed charts, so it is unlikely that Neptune will leave the house it’s intercepted in. However, transits and progressed aspects from other planets can help activate Neptune, especially soft aspects to the luminaries or inner planets.

♇ Pluto represents transformation and rebirth, emotional upheavals and inner intensity, instinctive force, obsession, and spiritual growth. With Pluto intercepted in the chart, this person may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with intense changes in their life, mostly pertaining to the house Pluto is found in but not limited to. The ability for regeneration is difficult to access, more so than others. There can be a power complex or inferiority complex developed from having power-struggles from prominent figures in the early life. Pluto typically endows recuperative abilities not only of the self but to others, but this person may be uneasy with their own capabilities and not confident enough to use them on others. These people may often feel like they have little control over the things that happen to them, and can lean towards impulse. There may be a tendency to naivety, or in taking oneself too seriously at the same time. With Pluto, growth comes through painful experiences; this native may suppress feelings caused by painful experiences which only causes self-destruction and so emotional growth is difficult if they don’t consciously address issues. The fears may be internal and irrational, this person needs to learn to bring them to surface as to deal with them in healthy ways. Being open to transformation is something these people should consider to relieve them of inner demons. Outer planets travel slowly in progressed charts, so it is unlikely that Pluto will leave the house it’s intercepted in. However, transits and progressed aspects from other planets can help activate Pluto, especially soft aspects to the sun or moon.


Mars Energy (by house)

Mars by house shows where your energy is directed to (in regards to a specific area in your life), mars in general shows what you’re apt to fight for.

Mars in the 1st: Energy goes into expression of themselves, of who they are. Often fights for themselves. They also fight for those they deem as weak, the underdogs. If athletically inclined, these people tend to also put energy into sports-related matters.

Mars in the 2nd: Energy goes into protecting possessions and accumulating material worth. Often fights for their values, their Self and what they own, but also for those they’re attached to.

Mars in the 3rd: Energy goes into intellectual activities, learning or any kind of activity that promotes growth of knowledge or prevents restlessness. Fights for their knowledge. May also fight for siblings/family or others from the early childhood/environment.

Mars in the 4th: Energy goes into achieving comfort and emotional security for themselves, and putting time into their private life (such as family). Fights for themselves, but also anyone who is let into their private life. Often inclined to protect children.

Mars in the 5th: Energy goes into creative expression of the self, of creative endeavors (such as hobbies). Fights for themselves; their identity, but also for those they are loyal to and for those who are loyal to them. Often inclined to protect children and may also put energy/time into athletic activities.

Mars in the 6th: Energy goes into intellect, into learning, routine or anything that improves self-growth. Fights for their knowledge but also for themselves and those they dedicate themselves to.

Mars in the 7th: Energy into stabilizing themselves, but also into seeking and maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships with others. Venus is at work here, there is a strong sense of fair justice and so they may put time into defending the under dogs/sustaining equilibrium among others.

Mars in the 8th:  Energy is put into protection of personal security and of their strong convictions. Can also put energy into gaining or maintaining a position of power in a situation. Strong healing powers if spiritually inclined, so may put time into healing others through plutonian or mars-related themes. Likely to be fiercely interested in the occult and thus put time into matters relating to it.

Mars in the 9th: Energy is put into seeking inner truth and personal freedom. Can put time into their beliefs and discovering what it means to be alive. Jupiterian energy is very generous and charitable, so these people may also put time into helping others such as in the form of spreading understanding & knowledge. May also put energy into athletics.

Mars in the 10th: Energy is put into their ambitions and forming + maintaining self-reliance. They’re their own motivational force, with strong independence so they’re inclined to fight for themselves first and foremost. Tradition is strong, may fight to maintain familiarity or the “rules.”

Mars in the 11th: Energy is put into matters greater than themselves. There is a sense of justice here, but only if the rules “make sense” to their standards. Fights for community, equality, society, friendships and humanity. This house is ruled by an higher octave planet (Uranus), the energy is being integrated into transpersonal states of consciousness.

Mars in the 12th: Energy is put into restoring themselves, as they’re apt to be reflective and absorbent of outside influences, thus alone time is needed. Spiritually predisposed and inclined to feel compassionate of others, and so time may be spent in helping those in need and/or introspective and meditative activities to exercise the mind. This is a house ruled by a higher octave planet (Neptune), energy is being (or must be) directed to higher purposes.

What Are Interceptions?

I will be defining interceptions and showing what interceptions look like with a natal wheel from

Interceptions are areas in your chart that are “hidden.” They are sometimes referred to as our “hidden powers” because once we unlock them, we are well on our way to becoming more aware of ourselves, achieving karmic balance and becoming better as a person in general. It’s where we have difficulty expressing energy and characteristics of the intercepted signs/planets. It happens when a house is larger than 30 degrees and therefore “engulfs” a sign in a house. As a result, the signs that it consumes, so to speak, aren’t found on a house cusp and they don’t rule any house. The lessons that are supposed to be learned during your development from these signs are not learned. Sometimes these intercepted signs (and planets if they are in that intercepted house) are what you missed out on during childhood, or in other words, the time you were developing. Due to this, the imbalance must be restored later in life in adulthood when you are no longer developing and you are independent. If you have intercepted signs, you have duplicated signs too; they are basically two other signs that are duplicated to take on the extra work that was meant for your intercepted signs. For example, the chart below has both Leo and Aquarius duplicated. You can see this because there are two house cusps in Leo (12th house cusp is 1° in Leo and the ascendant is 29° in Leo) as well as two house cusps in Aquarius (6th house cusp is 1° in Aquarius and the descendant is 29° in Aquarius).

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