Readings (CLOSED)

First and foremost, I only read natal charts. If you only want certain parts of your natal chart read, look at the mini reports section below.

I offer the basics of the natal chart:

  1. Planets in the signs (only Luminaries and personal planets, the core personality)
  2. Planets in the houses (all planets; luminaries, inner, social & outer) 
  3. Signs on the house cusps
  4. Aspects (a careful selection of your most important aspects; only major aspects, tight orb aspects of 0°-5°) 

Take Note:

  1. Full-length birth charts varies but usually result in around 30+ pages (17,000 words) on average. For example, my most recent reading consisted of 49 pages (20,000 words) on a Microsoft word document of 11pt Andalus font, single spaced.

price: $45.00 usd 

Terms and Conditions & Disclaimer, Please Read:

 It will take me approximately 4-6 weeks to get your birth chart done, sometimes more. The length of my natal charts are the sizes of novelettes (17,000+ words), so please be patient.

 Specify on what house system you prefer, I use the Placidus house system by default.

 I only go by Western/Tropical Astrology, while correlating esoteric astrology sometimes.

 I have the right to decline giving a reading if I suddenly am not up for it (I will give you back all of your money of course, if you had paid already)

 I don’t do refunds (unless it is the case of bullet #4, see above)

 If there is something else you have in mind, such as other astrology questions/subjects like progression, career indicators, interceptions, stellia, or transits etc that you would like to include with your full natal report, see the Mini Reports page.

 As to avoid complications, it’s important that you please ask for clarification if anything confuses you before purchasing.

**after reading carefully email me at for further details on how to pay. i only accept payment through paypal**
love, Dia 💗