:: Can’t Sleep Placements ::

mercury in domicile (Gemini/Virgo mercury); restless, anxious & active minds.
Gemini mercury; why waste time sleeping when you can use it to learn, so many things to do at 3am
Virgo mercury; why waste time sleeping when there’s so much work to do, so many worries to worry about

mercury in debilitation (Pisces/Sagittarius); unfocused, directionless, chaotic minds
Sagittarius mercury; *existential thoughts past midnight* but? what is life exactly?
Pisces mercury; filled with unexplained emotional pains, disorderly mind

mercury-uranus aspects; uranus fills the mind with electricity jolts, unexpected inspirations and the sudden urge to have a conversation during unusual hours
mars-uranus aspects; too much energy to sleep, irritated nerves, physical activity during unusual hours

3rd house/gemini stellium; lots of activity in the mental faculties

Pluto in the 8th/12th, moon-pluto aspects; the subconscious activity and realms of sleep and dreams are disturbed and interrupted with nightmares of phobias and trauma
moon/mercury in the 8th; stays up late thinking about emotional toxicity and demons of the past, vivid nightmares

sun/moon/mercury in the 12th; house of dreams. dreams even when they are awake. could lose sleep to maladaptive daydreaming
sun/moon/mercury in the 4th; subconscious house, also governs sleep and dreams. midnight is their hour
a moon-ruled chart, sleepy and nocturnal by nature, sensitive to the moon phases

Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius emphasis: trouble sleeping due to active minds, always alert. insomniacs
Taurus, Cancer, Pisces emphasis: lethargic and drowsy, need sleep more than the average person