:: Can’t Sleep Placements ::

mercury in domicile (Gemini/Virgo mercury); restless, anxious & active minds.
Gemini mercury; why waste time sleeping when you can use it to learn, so many things to do at 3am
Virgo mercury; why waste time sleeping when there’s so much work to do, so many worries to worry about

mercury in debilitation (Pisces/Sagittarius); unfocused, directionless, chaotic minds
Sagittarius mercury; *existential thoughts past midnight* but? what is life exactly?
Pisces mercury; filled with unexplained emotional pains, disorderly mind

mercury-uranus aspects; uranus fills the mind with electricity jolts, unexpected inspirations and the sudden urge to have a conversation during unusual hours
mars-uranus aspects; too much energy to sleep, irritated nerves, physical activity during unusual hours

3rd house/gemini stellium; lots of activity in the mental faculties

Pluto in the 8th/12th, moon-pluto aspects; the subconscious activity and realms of sleep and dreams are disturbed and interrupted with nightmares of phobias and trauma
moon/mercury in the 8th; stays up late thinking about emotional toxicity and demons of the past, vivid nightmares

sun/moon/mercury in the 12th; house of dreams. dreams even when they are awake. could lose sleep to maladaptive daydreaming
sun/moon/mercury in the 4th; subconscious house, also governs sleep and dreams. midnight is their hour
a moon-ruled chart, sleepy and nocturnal by nature, sensitive to the moon phases

Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius emphasis: trouble sleeping due to active minds, always alert. insomniacs
Taurus, Cancer, Pisces emphasis: lethargic and drowsy, need sleep more than the average person


Pisces sun, Sun in the 12th, Sun-Neptune Contacts



+ understanding, universal, empathetic, inspiring…
+ introspective, retreating to equalize and renew themselves
+ musically or artistically inclined, either through talent or appreciation
+ mystically inclined, either interested or open-minded towards esoteric knowledge, prophetic visions
+ loving, devoting, compassionate, big dreamers making them optimistic and hopeful, tolerant and impartial towards people from different wakes of life
+ imagination becomes motivation, visionaries of a better world, willing to help other people, adaptable to changes


– self-concerned when not in tune with the collective as they should be because Neptune means going beyond the singular identity, beyond themselves, they need to learn this.
– retreating and succumbing to escapism, weak-willed, indulging in their suffering
– inclined to substance abuse or emotional disturbances
– inclined to approach mystic practice dangerously and naively
– scared to love, or expects love but does not give it in return, self-pitying, sensitive, teary, devotion becomes sacrifice for the wrong reasons
– imagination becomes maladaptive daydreaming, does not follow through with visions, inconsistent and lethargic,
-too much adaptability causes hypersensitivity to the environment around them, generating indecisiveness, unreliability and a lack of self-assertion through dissolving into other people

Image © Things Beyond by Kylie Woon

Aesthetic and Creative Connections in the Natal Chart


Venus rules over aesthetic sense and these include matters like song & melody, beauty and anything to do with the arts… signs affiliated with Venus can posses artistic gifts; Taurus, Libra and Pisces (exalt) have the vision of Venus and thus an “eye for beauty.” They are very in-tune with music, fashion, art and dance. They may enjoy and appreciate things like participating in art museums, fashion displays, orchestras, music studios, or stage productions of plays.

Neptune and moon are fantasy dreams and mystical imagination, Cancer and Pisces are drawn to things like film, photography, illustration, painting, captivating performances and magical writing themes where these mediums become outlets to their vivid concepts.

The sun and Leo have ascendancy over the broad idea of creativity as a whole, through self expression, Leo is the Performer and can flourish in any kind of performing arts such as music, dancing, acting and singing. Any planet in the 5th house (ruled by Leo/sun) can show different ways one expresses themselves, this is the house of creative self-expression through what you, the maker, brings to existence.

Creations in the 5th house are not limited to artistic perception, for instance mercury in the 5th could make for someone with writing as a personal interest pertaining to the sign it is found in. e.g mercury in Leo in the 5th could like theatrical script writing perhaps, or mercury in Scorpio in the 5th could like dark, mysterious and soulful writing content perhaps in the form of poetry. Expressions are flexible and vary per combination.

When these expressive planets aspect each other the creative essence is powerful and enthralling, like moon contacting Neptune becomes the magician alchemist where their dreams are solidified and brought to life, or Venus contacting sun causes the identity to revolve around such matters and the solar flares flow through Venusian mist, creating heavenly works and spectacular images directly from the spirit.

Image © "Lost in a Summer Haze" by Bella Kotak

Social [Justice] Side of the 7th House

::: The scales of justice reside in Libra and her 7th house. Signs or planets positioned in the 7th house show the individual’s interpersonal skills and how they are inclined to implement social fairness, equilibrium and moral principles among the given public :::

Aries/mars in the 7th is a lawful fighting spirit; mars show what one fights for, where one’s energy is directed to with passion. These positions may battle and forcefully advocate for justice, protecting the weak-willed and dispirited. Could be found directly confronting and policing the wrongdoings of members of society.

Taurus/Venus in the 7th publicly supports preservation of aesthetic principles and may resist wrongful social injustices with forms of art or music. Conveys messages of appreciating all forms of beauty to the public, such as art, nature or encouraging self-love. Stresses the importance of values and resources, motivating the people to become smart about their money as to build stable foundations for themselves and the public.

Gemini/Mercury in the 7th  will urge people to speak up, because they are passionate about equal communication. Will be found as spokespersons for public causes, having primary concerns for education, literature, media, neighborhood well-being and other social exchanges that promote cultivation of the mind and connectivity with others.

Cancer/Moon in the 7th is inclined to serve as the protector of the masses. They are especially emotional about children, feminine, elderly and family ideologies and vow preservation of their rights. Can promote education about feminine principles such as through women studies, female sexuality, women psychology or pregnancy/motherhood. The mother of society.

Leo/Sun in the 7th believes everyone has a given birthright to make themselves known and validated, and so can battle for social justice of individuals in front of cameras or through public performance. This generates a charismatic spokesperson, journalist/writer or news reporter type of trend, where they use their creativity and inviting charm to engage and inform people on important issues. Advocates for self-expression of all forms as to validate identities of the public.

Virgo/Mercury in the 7th believes in social purification and refinement and will critically question, analyze, and digest the flaws of the public in order to fix them. They are well-versed in organization through discriminating and picking apart facets of the public and then bringing them together in synthesization, a constant restructure. Believes society should always continue to improve itself. May also advocate for healthcare and mental/physical wellness.

Libra/Venus in the 7th wants to bring attention to the importance of Union; the skill of relating to others as to view them impartially, and promoting equitable relationships/marriage. They appreciate and advocate any form of social awareness that emphasizes fairness and justice. The mediator of society.

Scorpio/Pluto in the 7th holds severe convictions that can tear apart any corruption of morals that the public tries to keep secret. They become the social surgeon, dissecting and forcefully questioning the public as to bring attention to illicit and unlawful concepts and to reform social structure & punish accordingly. Also ones to advocate for sexual liberation and crime control. Wants to break society and build it up from the ashes.

Sagittarius, Jupiter and the 9th house govern over spiritual & universal law referring to fundamental ethics and morals and so Jupiter/Sagittarius in the 7th makes for an individual who has strong intuition on “what is right and what is wrong.” They have an acute eye for justice on a cosmic scale and advocate for tolerance and acceptance, especially of culture, spirituality and religion. Could also advocate for nature and animal protection as well as promote college education and traveling as to expand the mind & learn the ways of other societies through experience.

Capricorn, Saturn and the 10th house govern legal law and authority, soCapricorn/Saturn in the 7th here could lay down karmic law with the totality of their firm, disciplined and severe influence, providing protection and structure of moral principles. They implement the importance of rules, respect, responsibility and Order and could serve the public as established mentors to convey these concepts. The backbone of society.

Aquarius/Uranus in the 7th urges justice and liberation of corrupt laws to build a progressive and equal future, conveying change as a good thing. Will often be found questioning authority and rules that don’t seem to make sense. Advocates Union with the universal collective; emphasizing community involvement & the importance of working together. Could advocate for technology and scientific advancement, as well as normalization and equal-rights for the “unconventional” and “outcasted” parts of the public. Brings awareness to the masses, genuinely believing everyone should be enlightened on social problems. The shock factor of the society.

Pisces/Neptune in the 7th is horrified by social injustices concerning the unfortunate, suffering, ill and forgotten parts of the public, creating a sensitive and universally empathetic soul that gives themselves emotionally to the collective. They resonate with others and genuinely have a dream to “save” society from adversities. Inclined to advocate for the protection and renewal of hospitals, prisons and asylums.

☿ Mercury Signs ☿

Mercury in astrology is the planet of the Mind, it primarily governs over thought trend, communicative abilities, and mental faculties. It rules the intellect and how one perceives and reasons with reality. Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo; Mercury is in dignity when placed under these two signs.

Aries mercury ~ the mind of mars learns through visualization, it is through action and motion that the senses are stimulated. mental explosions; ideas are immediately verbalized and the head is afflicted with pains from sensitivity and reactivity to the immediate environment; in extremity, this is war ravaging through the mental faculties. communicative abilities are direct, genuine, inventive, passionate, witty and immediate reactions are set-off in the light of the ego. a pioneering mind venturing onward inspirationally, pointing towards new beginnings

Taurus mercury ~ tree roots wrapped around the brain sprouting into blossoms; shows a grounded, firm, unchangeable, traditional, but obstinate mind like that of roots but also an artistic, poetic, youthful and musical kind of old soul like that of the angelic Venusian blossoms, that learns best through the wordly senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing, savoring life experiences with underlying nostalgia.

Gemini mercury (☿) ~ thoughts and words come and go breathlessly and as fleetingly as rapid heartbeats, matching the swift fluttering of butterfly wings and the quick godly travel of hermes. the mind is keen, curious, clever, intellectual, versatile and overly alert causing restlessness and inconsistency. The speech and approach to others is friendly, animated, humorous and lively, and the transmission of messages from this position reflects a mind driven by logic rather than intuition as well as an urgency for connectivity and an endless quest for learning. childlike wisdom rests here, where there is always a critical questioning of “why” and a constant activation of creative cerebral surges.

Cancer mercury ~ the mind is receptive, nocturnal, emotional, reflective, and is working through an instinctually subconscious level that reacts with immediate feelings. Reality is distorted in magical moonlight, casting nostalgia, moodiness, and nighttime paranoia but gifts the mind with imagination, mother’s comforting soul words and a psychic sense. the lunar mind learns well through absorbing and listening to others. the memories are coated with wistful and bittersweet emotions that come alive with every instant experience.

Leo mercury ~ the heart is intertwined with the brain, making the words true, lively, loving and passionate. solar flares endow the speech with golden words and the mind with creativity and a vivid perception of reality. The sun seldom has a shadow, yet it certainly does cast one; although this position is prone to being domineering, willful, and self-concerned, the solar spirit is proud, dignified, free-spirited, warm, idealistic and glistening with theatrical displays of creative radiance.

Virgo mercury (☿) ~ the cerebral nerves become focused in this earthy domain, yet there is an nervousness over detail; the eyes are equivalent to magnifying glasses that see what another doesn’t. The trickster nature of mercurial hermes burdens this position with repetitiveness, nitpick, fret and hypersensitivity yet blesses the mind with a thought trend that is cleverly witty, practical, alert, investigative, intellectual, systematic and analytical. The maiden’s voice is kissed with medicinal messages, where healing powers drip  from their words and into another’s broken soul lining. The communication is swift and sharp yet shy and timid at first and the native learns well in any given environment if the concentration isn’t imposed with anxiety tugging at the nerves.

Libra mercury ~ the grasping of reality mimics the justice of the scales; there is an ability to detach oneself from emotional undertones, an internal urge to defend the weak-willed, and an ability to calculate the world through several perspectives. The judgment is clear, diplomatic, impartial and the mind is buzzing with dreamy idealism, aesthetic sense, and able to synthesize oppositions and disputes to middle ground if vacillation is overcome. Makes for a charming and witty chatterer, spilling Venusian sweet song for others to hear.

Scorpio mercury ~ the mind is powerful, sharp, and perceptive of all things unknown working as the master psychologist of the soul. thought course is intensely secretive, willful, intrigued, suspicious, fiercely acute, obsessive, over critical and possesses an intelligent sixth sense. holds unyielding convictions and uses interrogations and investigation to pierce through boundaries and delve into the matters of the psychological, metaphysical, occult and esoteric research.

Sagittarius mercury ~ the spirit has direct contact to the Superconscious through cosmic wisdom, treading through the waters of the universe on a dreamy pilgrimage, the mind filled with shooting stars. The currents of thinking and communication are expansive, moral, skeptical, insightful, inspiring and knowledgeable. The mind is often directionless, impatient and disconnected from the world but sincere, honest and filled with infinite understanding.

Capricorn mercury ~ the messages of hermes are filtered through the child of time where one is reticent in sharing ancient knowledge held firmly in the mind. Saturn weighs heavy upon the perception causing one inclined to intolerance, criticism of the self and others, and sullen sternness as well as an unwilling awareness of one’s own mortality, anxieties and fears. and yet through Saturn the fashion of thought becomes methodical, efficient, logical, disciplined, dignified, concentrative and ultimately crystallized, where the seagoat’s unrest becomes definite and clear from reaching the mountain tops, in due course spawning entry into the sky and beyond.

Aquarius mercury ~ the mind proves to be on a futuristic wavelength where one thinks outside the box, through the box, behind the box, between the box and so forth. There is a inclination to progressive societal matters, making the character good-natured, equal and universal. Uranian electrical currents presents the mind with surges of innovative concepts, intelligent comprehension, brilliant analysis, quick thinking, witty remark, and resourceful intuition yet may destabilize the mind with the spirit of the mad scientist, where ideas and perception are incomprehensible, offensively shocking, temperamental, fleeting and willfully intuned with one’s own perception as opposed to others.

Pisces mercury ~ perception of reality is seen through a dewy gaze beneath the sea’s surface, where the thought shift is molded into a beautiful mist of imagination, empathy, sensitivity, psychic receptivity, and adaptability of environment. The way of speech is poetical, wistful, and mysterious yet conversely, it is paranoid, misunderstood, vague and unclear. Reasoning abilities are not strong here as the mind works through the emotions and extreme instinctual receptors. Neptunian waters can fill the mind with wakeful dreams where one is inclined to escape into the subconscious womb and yet also creates a visionary trend, where one is inclined to hopefulness, compassion and unlocking healing powers.

Mars Energy (by house)

Mars by house shows where your energy is directed to (in regards to a specific area in your life), mars in general shows what you’re apt to fight for.

Mars in the 1st: Energy goes into expression of themselves, of who they are. Often fights for themselves. They also fight for those they deem as weak, the underdogs. If athletically inclined, these people tend to also put energy into sports-related matters.

Mars in the 2nd: Energy goes into protecting possessions and accumulating material worth. Often fights for their values, their Self and what they own, but also for those they’re attached to.

Mars in the 3rd: Energy goes into intellectual activities, learning or any kind of activity that promotes growth of knowledge or prevents restlessness. Fights for their knowledge. May also fight for siblings/family or others from the early childhood/environment.

Mars in the 4th: Energy goes into achieving comfort and emotional security for themselves, and putting time into their private life (such as family). Fights for themselves, but also anyone who is let into their private life. Often inclined to protect children.

Mars in the 5th: Energy goes into creative expression of the self, of creative endeavors (such as hobbies). Fights for themselves; their identity, but also for those they are loyal to and for those who are loyal to them. Often inclined to protect children and may also put energy/time into athletic activities.

Mars in the 6th: Energy goes into intellect, into learning, routine or anything that improves self-growth. Fights for their knowledge but also for themselves and those they dedicate themselves to.

Mars in the 7th: Energy into stabilizing themselves, but also into seeking and maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships with others. Venus is at work here, there is a strong sense of fair justice and so they may put time into defending the under dogs/sustaining equilibrium among others.

Mars in the 8th:  Energy is put into protection of personal security and of their strong convictions. Can also put energy into gaining or maintaining a position of power in a situation. Strong healing powers if spiritually inclined, so may put time into healing others through plutonian or mars-related themes. Likely to be fiercely interested in the occult and thus put time into matters relating to it.

Mars in the 9th: Energy is put into seeking inner truth and personal freedom. Can put time into their beliefs and discovering what it means to be alive. Jupiterian energy is very generous and charitable, so these people may also put time into helping others such as in the form of spreading understanding & knowledge. May also put energy into athletics.

Mars in the 10th: Energy is put into their ambitions and forming + maintaining self-reliance. They’re their own motivational force, with strong independence so they’re inclined to fight for themselves first and foremost. Tradition is strong, may fight to maintain familiarity or the “rules.”

Mars in the 11th: Energy is put into matters greater than themselves. There is a sense of justice here, but only if the rules “make sense” to their standards. Fights for community, equality, society, friendships and humanity. This house is ruled by an higher octave planet (Uranus), the energy is being integrated into transpersonal states of consciousness.

Mars in the 12th: Energy is put into restoring themselves, as they’re apt to be reflective and absorbent of outside influences, thus alone time is needed. Spiritually predisposed and inclined to feel compassionate of others, and so time may be spent in helping those in need and/or introspective and meditative activities to exercise the mind. This is a house ruled by a higher octave planet (Neptune), energy is being (or must be) directed to higher purposes.