Aesthetic and Creative Connections in the Natal Chart


Venus rules over aesthetic sense and these include matters like song & melody, beauty and anything to do with the arts… signs affiliated with Venus can posses artistic gifts; Taurus, Libra and Pisces (exalt) have the vision of Venus and thus an β€œeye for beauty.” They are very in-tune with music, fashion, art and dance. They may enjoy and appreciate things like participating in art museums, fashion displays, orchestras, music studios, or stage productions of plays.

Neptune and moon are fantasy dreams and mystical imagination, Cancer and Pisces are drawn to things like film, photography, illustration, painting, captivating performances and magical writing themes where these mediums become outlets to their vivid concepts.

The sun and Leo have ascendancy over the broad idea of creativity as a whole, through self expression, Leo is the Performer and can flourish in any kind of performing arts such as music, dancing, acting and singing. Any planet in the 5th house (ruled by Leo/sun) can show different ways one expresses themselves, this is the house of creative self-expression through what you, the maker, brings to existence.

Creations in the 5th house are not limited to artistic perception, for instance mercury in the 5th could make for someone with writing as a personal interest pertaining to the sign it is found in. e.g mercury in Leo in the 5th could like theatrical script writing perhaps, or mercury in Scorpio in the 5th could like dark, mysterious and soulful writing content perhaps in the form of poetry. Expressions are flexible and vary per combination.

When these expressive planets aspect each other the creative essence is powerful and enthralling, like moon contacting Neptune becomes the magician alchemist where their dreams are solidified and brought to life, or Venus contacting sun causes the identity to revolve around such matters and the solar flares flow through Venusian mist, creating heavenly works and spectacular images directly from the spirit.

ImageΒ Β© "Lost in a Summer Haze" by Bella Kotak